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The JXC Specialty - Broadband, High Power Density PhotoVoltaics  


SOLAR PV        

     JX CRYSTALS Solar PV Installations

Solar Cells and Their Applications, 2nd Edition(2010)

A new book  by the President of JX Crystals, Dr. Lewis M. Fraas, and Larry L. Partain.

Path to Affordable Electric Power & The 35% Efficient Solar Cell   is another book written by  Dr. Lewis M. Fraas, presenting his views on key issues involved with Solar and Thermo PV. 

Solar Electricity at 7 cents per kWh is a JXC presentation given at Southeast Solar Summit in November of 2007.  

 Our Mission

JX Crystals champions Thermo and Solar   Photovoltaic products that work together to generate heat and electricity throughout the year, day and night, by combining renewable solar energy with the most efficient use of fossil fuels. Our product designs are based on operation at high power densities where PV cells are most efficient and with materials chosen to cover the broad energy spectrum from visible sunlight to infrared heat.

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