JX Crystals 


Company Profile

JX Crystals is a spin-off from the Boeing Company with licenses for key patents on IR sensitive Gallium Antimonide photovoltaic cells. JXC broadened the usefulness of GaSb cells to include not only efficiency boosting aerospace solar cells but also Thermo PV cells and TPV Combined Heat and Power systems. JXC has established a strong patent position in TPV technology and is currently seeking investors and strategic partners  to develop a 1.5 KWe residential home cogeneration system that can supply heat, hot water and electricity from natural gas or propane.

 JXC has an international patent position on a novel, low cost Solar PV module design and has  started manufacturing product in China for 500 kW projects there in 2006 and then for the Global Market. The design is a low concentration 3 Sun approach that replaces 2/3 of the expensive crystalline solar cells in a module with low cost metal mirrors.  JXC sees this effort as a first evolutionary step toward the ultimate goal of high efficiency and high concentration for utility scale PV power generation. 

JXC is also doing R&D on 40% efficiency solar cells and systems, including a new cassegrainian concentrator concept with distinct advantages for 4 junction PV stacks. High concentration and efficiency go hand-in-hand toward full scale utility power generation that will be cost competitive with fossil fuels.